ALADN 2013 Pittsburgh: Getting to the Point
May 19-22, 2013

Evaluation Sheet

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ALADN 2013 Presentations

Building a Solid Foundation

Where Do Donors Come From?

Persuasive Writing

Leading a Special Collections Donor Program without a Development Officer

So You're the Dean and/or in Development...NOW WHAT?

Driving Library Value through Strategic Development Partnerships to Support Teaching, Learning, and Research

Art in the Library

Story Rooms

Experienced Library Fundraisers Starting Anew:

Collecting Insights

ALADN 2013 Pre-Conference Presentations

Major Gifts


The University Library System, University of Pittsburgh and Rush G. Miller, Hillman University Librarian invite you to join us for ALADN 2013 Pittsburgh: Getting to the Point. We promise a top-notch conference with plenty of educational and fun-filled opportunities for library fundraisers and marketing professionals.

The University of Pittsburgh has an undergraduate and graduate student population of nearly 34,000. In 2012, we celebrated our 225th anniversary and continue to be well ranked and highly respected. The University of Pittsburgh Library System (ULS) is the 22nd largest academic library system in North America. Under the administration of the Hillman University Librarian Rush Miller, it includes 14 libraries and holds more than 6.7 million volumes, world specialized collections and major foreign language materials from around the world. The ULS offers state-of-the-art facilities and services, including innovative digital library collections and services and a robust open access publishing program.

What is ALADN?

Founded in 1995, the Academic Library Advancement and Development Network brings together academic library fund raising professionals, marketing professionals, librarians, associate university librarians, and deans who practice primarily in North America. We form professional and personal relationships and are active on our listserv as we work to raise money from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Attendees from academic libraries across the United States and Canada gather annually to share innovations, best practices, and organizational successes related to all areas of fundraising, including communication and marketing strategies. You can find more information about ALADN and links to previous conferences at You can also join the Facebook ALADN page (search for Academic Library Advancement and Development Network) for continuous updates.